Call for participation

Open Infrastructure Orbit is a safe harbour for free and open infrastructure. The orbite provides space for projects, groups and communities.

We do have a stage with an audience of up to 50 people. The stage is perfect for talks or panels. The talks will be recorded and uploaded to after the event.

The workshop room can be used for smaller meetups. You'll find chairs, tables and a projector. It can be used to do workshops or community meetups.

The solder area will have up to 10 solder stations. Here you can solder your own hardware sets in workshops or repair things.

Note: An accepted proposal does not contain a ticket for 36c3. You need to care yourself. In general we also cannot pay for travel or accommodation. If you need support, please talk to us as early as possible.

This Call for Papers closed on 2019-12-25 21:00 (Europe/Berlin).