Alpha Testing of (Internet independent wifi mesh communication App)
2019-12-27, 18:35–22:35, OIO Workshop Dome
Language: English

Test with us our new alpha version of the is an Internet independent wifi mesh communication app with fully decentralized messaging, file sharing and voice chat. At the moment we are rewriting the entire application in rust, implementing our experience of 8 years off the grid peer2peer mesh communication, with a mobile first approach and a network agnostic routing protocoll wich can do synchronous as well as delay tolerant messaging.

In this workshop we will test the (pre-)alpha version together, install it, test the functionality and communicate off the grid. We will explore our new routing protocol and the wireless interconnection possibilities.

Mathias Jud is a berlin based artist. Since over twenty years, he works together with Christoph Wachter.
Their art works include open-source projects that uncover forms of censorship of the Internet, undermine the concentration of political power and even resolve the dependency on infrastructure.

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