Getting started connecting your Devices using LoRaWAN
2019-12-29, 17:10–19:10, OIO Workshop Dome

LoRaWAN is a Long Range Wide Area Network that can connect devices over several kilometres while operating on very low power. It uses freely available frequencies, and with successful community project The Things Network there exists an open and free network. This makes LoRaWAN ideal for that small gadgets you want to deploy out in the field and also really interesting for a hacker community. Let's get working on it!

We will be going through the whole process of how to build, program, and setup a simple LoRaWAN connected device using an Arduino and The Things Network. The workshop will start with an introduction to how LoRaWAN works, but the session is planed to be a more interactive format where we get a bit of work done together.

If you need an introduction, why LoRaWAN is interesting, you can watch our 20min talk from last year:

If you want to know how you can come prepared, go to: